Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As illustrated

Some time last year I got inspired to do a series of illustrations, more like fashion illustrations to be precise. The idea was that they should be simple but yet expressive of my love for fashion. Come to think of it I have been sketching since I was a toddler. Over the years I have sketched many fashions figures and I have seen them improve year after year. The challenge for me has always been to be able to adapt my style of drawing to suite the mood of the fashions that I am trying to convey. Say for instance if I was designing a collection that is hard and very street edgy, I would try and create a fashion figure that is suitable to the collection and clearly expresses that edge. Same would apply if I were designing a 20's inspired collection. This little exercise would sometimes prove very frustrating, but eventually achievable.

Many times I've been told that my figures look like alien men eating women with a certain mystical allure that oozes power and sex appeal. I don't know if that is true. I have always seen my sketches as a slight extension of my personality. An alter ego, if I can put it like that.

Just to get back to this series of illustrations, the idea was simplicity yet expressive. I chose to work with very common mediums, in this case a regular office ball point pen and photocopy paper. I was amazed at the results as they came out looking like a cross between the traditional stick drawings that you'll often see in curio African paintings at the flea market and a some what high fashion drawing. I have managed to produce a few of these and now I am short of Ideas as what to do with them. I was thinking maybe a book of some sort. What do you think? Throw me a few ideas. I would love to publish these.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love and appreciation

Hey a big shout out and welcome to all my blog followers. I love and appreciate your support. Thank you. LOVE from the Arnreuby studio on a humid February Cape town afternoon